TSB 06-23-12 (Automatic Transmission Whine)

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FORD: 2006-2007 Fusion
LINCOLN: 2006 Zephyr
MERCURY: 2006-2007 Milan

Some 2006-2007 Fusion, Milan, and 2006 Zephyr vehicles equipped with the 3.0L engine and built before 9/2/2006 may exhibit a transmission whine on light accelerator tip-in at speeds between 40-60 MPH (64-97 Km/h).

Follow the Service Procedure steps to correct the condition.


Install mass Damper Kit on the transmission shift cable......
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I've had a "whining" noise since I purchased the car and thought it was "normal" for an American car. I don't notice the noise always, mostly when I'm pulling away from a standstill. I'm not sure that what I'm hearing is what the TSB is about since it mentions higher speeds, but I'll add it to my list when I get my next oilchange in another 1k miles.
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