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FORD: 2006 Fusion, Fusion
MERCURY: 2006 Milan, Milan

Some 2006 Fusion and Milan vehicles equipped with a 2.3L engine and built on or before 11/1/2005 may exhibit belt squeal or other front end accessory drive (FEAD) related concerns. Vehicles may require replacement of both the FEAD drive belt and drive belt tensioner if service of either of these components becomes necessary.

Follow the Service Procedure steps to correct the condition.


1. Determine the build level of the FEAD components. Engines equipped with a TENSIONER SHIELD requiring the replacement of the drive belt or tensioner, both parts MUST be updated to the latest level.

2. If the vehicle is NOT equipped with a tensioner shield, do not continue with this TSB. The new level components may be serviced individually as required. Repair according to online Workshop Manual, Section 303-05A. The correct service part numbers are listed in the TSB.

3. If the vehicle is equipped with a tensioner shield, remove and discard the following:
Drive belt

4. Install the latest level components as listed below:
Automatic Transmission Equipped Vehicles:
Tensioner: 6E5Z-6A228-AA
Drive Belt: 6E5Z-8620-B (Green Stripe)
Manual Transmission Equipped Vehicles:
Tensioner: 6E5Z-6A228-AA
Drive Belt: 6E5Z-8620-C (Blue Stripe)

5. For all repairs, verify that the drive belt tensioner range indicator is within the "V" band. (Figure 1)

6. If the tensioner is out of range, or belt squeal persists, follow normal diagnostic procedures.
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