TSB 06-18-14 (Floor Mat Wear)

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FORD: 2006 Fusion
LINCOLN: 2006 Zephyr
MERCURY: 2006 Milan

Some 2006 Fusion, Milan, and Zephyr vehicles may exhibit premature front driver side floor mat wear.

Replace the floor mats.

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Print out the TSB's for the floor mat and Lumbar. Show it to them and ask them why wouldn't it be covered.

On all TSB's it says "Eligible Under Provisions Of New Vehicle Limited Warranty Coverage."

From what I hear on this board about the Ford dealers is not good. Mine would treat you a lot better.
I sure can....give me your email and what TSB's you want. PM me your email.
Good to hear they got you squared away.
1 - 4 of 18 Posts
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