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I've posted the latest results of TrueDelta's reliability survey to the site. These are for the year ending December 31, 2006.

I do not have enough data on the 2007s to provide results for that year. For all model years more participants would help a great deal. Those of you who have been helping out, thanks.

For the 2006 Ford Fusion and Mercury Milan, I have an average of 4.3 months of data on 28 cars. The stat of 0.5 successful repair trips per year is a bit better than average. Last quarter the stat was 0.4, but this amount of variation (or more) must be expected with such a small sample.

Other results:

TrueDelta Vehicle Reliability Survey results

Note that Consumer Reports' annual auto issue, out soon, includes reliability ratings for the year ending March 31, 2006. Because TrueDelta's surveys are more frequent, and we analyze the data promptly, our results will average over ten months' "fresher" than theirs. When considering a car, do you want to know how reliable it was a year ago, or how reliable it has been recently?
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