Tried the "Mazda" 2.3 TB grounding mod tonight...

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Many Mazda 3 owners (as well as some others with drive-by-wire throttle controls) have been running an electrical wire from their throttle body to the negative terminal of the battery. This mod is quite popular amongst the 2.3 Mazda crowd - claims of smoother power delivery are everywhere. Well, I tried it tonight and it made absolutely no difference in my car. I really didn't expect it to, but it is a 2 mintute mod so I thought I would give it a whirl. But my throttle response is almost instantaneous now since I am SCT tuned, so perhaps it might make a difference on a stock car. At any rate, it seems that the Mazda folks with the 2.3 have had some problems with their ECU calibrations and this mod helps in some cases.
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I'm one of the people that thinks this was just in the mind of those that thought it made their cars better, but it certainly can't hurt.
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