Tried the "Mazda" 2.3 TB grounding mod tonight...

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Many Mazda 3 owners (as well as some others with drive-by-wire throttle controls) have been running an electrical wire from their throttle body to the negative terminal of the battery. This mod is quite popular amongst the 2.3 Mazda crowd - claims of smoother power delivery are everywhere. Well, I tried it tonight and it made absolutely no difference in my car. I really didn't expect it to, but it is a 2 mintute mod so I thought I would give it a whirl. But my throttle response is almost instantaneous now since I am SCT tuned, so perhaps it might make a difference on a stock car. At any rate, it seems that the Mazda folks with the 2.3 have had some problems with their ECU calibrations and this mod helps in some cases.
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Do an ABX test. Have a friend change the wire randomly on and off with out telling you which way it is. Then write down if you think its on or off. Do it as many times as you can but at least 10. If you get more then 50% (like 75%-100%) it should tell you that its working. (or you need to head to vegas quick you lucky dog).
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