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I would like to trade my carCPU Lite system ( for a mac mini and a little cash, or sell it for enough cash to get me a mac mini and the cnx-p1900 (approx. 900.00). I would like a mac mini with osx tiger, 1gb ram, and built in bluetooth/airport with all original accessories, like power cord, vga adapter, etc. I love this unit and everyone that’s ever seen it wants one, but I got a mac back in august for the house and now i don’t like using windows anymore.
The carcpu has a few available upgrades that the lite system originally did not come with, denoted in *BOLD* in the specs. Complete specs can be found on I used this computer without a stereo, but you can also connect it to any stereo via aux inputs or fm modulators. This unit is unlike a lot of other “carputer” setups out there, because the MS windows startup and shutdown sequences are integrated into your ignition- it comes on and turns off when your normal car radio would. It installs just like an amplifier- power, ground, and remote turn-on. It does everything a normal desktop computer can do. Here’s the specs:


- Fully Automated system start-up/shut-down based on ignition key position, incorporating full MS Windows shut-down sequence.
- Software is fully preloaded and configured for easy operation.
- MP3 Audio Playback
- Multilingual file naming and ID3 tags support (regular head units and hard-drive players do not support this feature)
- CD Audio Playback
- DVD Video Playback
**Soundblaster Audigy NX USB audio**- Includes custom power harness that connects to the computer and uses power directly from it. Supports Dolby Digital 5.1/7.1 Surround Sound. - Multi-Speaker Surround Sound output utilizing Creative Labs' CMSS® 3D Technology. - Creative Labs' EAX® Acoustic Enhancements, allowing to play your favorite music using your favorite sound field, such as Concert Hall or Stadium- 8 Band Digital Graphic Equalizer and Bass Boost Control. - Crossover bass frequency (10-200 Hz): adjustable to standalone subwoofer units for desired bass level, includes remote. (Note: onboard 2 channel sound can still be used if you choose, but sound is MUCH BETTER with this, plus you can fine-tune the audio with more precision)
- Instant File Access for quick MP3 navigation and skip-free music.
- 24 bit/96KHz/102SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio) high definition ultra quite playback and recording of audio that is 6x better than most on-board audio
- Multichannel Audio Game Support
- GPS Navigation featuring Voice Recognition and Voice Directions
- High Performance Video Adapter utilizing Dynamic DDR Memory Allocation for optimal 3D Game Support
- High Speed CD to MP3 conversion
- Wireless MP3 Library Update with **included D-Link Wireless Network Adapter, 802.11b.**
- Wireless Broadband connection for Online Gaming, E-mail and Internet Access. (Requires to be in range of wireless network connection. Wireless network connection must have access to a broadband connection. Router may be needed.)
- Intel P4 2.0 GHz Processor, utilizing 400 FSB technology and 128K Cache Memory.
- 256MB Kingston PC3200 (400MHz) DDR Memory Module. Expandable to 4GB.
- 120 GB Western Digital 7200 RPM Special Edition 8MB Cache High Speed Hard Drive.
- Original Intel Motherboard utilizes the Intel© 865G chipset with Intel© Extreme Graphics 2. This board supports 800-MHz system bus, next-generation dual-channel memory, flexible six channel audio with jack sensing, AGP 8X and native SATA150 storage drives.
- Intel Extreme Graphics 2 Video with MPEG2 hardware support and dynamic memory allocation for best 3D performance.
- Integrated SoundMAX 4 XL with AudioESP audio subsystem using the Analog Devices AD1985 codec. (Disabled in order to use Soundblaster: can be enabled in bios at startup)
- 8 Hi-Speed USB 2.0 (480Mbps, backward compatible with 1.1) ports.
- 3 Ultra-quiet cooling fans utilizing speed and activation control based on system temperature.
- 3 Point system temperature and fan RPMs monitoring, including software reporting and logging.
- System Voltage monitoring, including software reporting and logging.
- Custom slim clear-anodized aluminum Micro-ATX enclosure, designed for maximum cooling and air-flow.
- Dimensions: 12.0x11.2" footprint, 11.2x11.2x3.7" box.
- Hard drive shock-reducing suspension.
- 150 WT Power supply designed for in-car use. Keeps PC power continuous during cranking. Offers 90%+ Power Efficiency for extended battery life.
- Auto Power-up/Shutdown interface based on ignition key input, microprocessor controlled.
- **External High speed CDRW/DVD-ROM**. (Drive is USB-powered and doesn’t require separate power to operate.) Note USB drives enable you to put the disc drive almost anywhere, while the computer can be in the trunk.
- Mini 88 Key RF Wireless keyboard with multimedia shortcut keys. (includes RF receiver for mouse and kb)
- In-air gyro based and optical RF Wireless mouse, **with 1 ac cord and 1 dc cord, as well as 2 charging bases**.
- External Earthmate GPS Receiver module with Street Atlas 2005 USA GPS Software, featuring voice recognition technology.
- Microsoft Windows XP Home. Comes configured and preloaded. (With Disc and authentic serial number)
- USB and VGA Extension Cables (enough for everything).
*Actual wake-up time may vary based on the applications running in the background when system was put into the sleep mode. System boot-up time may vary based on start-up applications installed.
In addition to all that, I can either ship it as is (with all the additional programs and files I have on there like norton systemworks 2005, and 30 gb of music) or I can format it first, it’s up to you. here's pics:


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