traction control

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got a sel v6 with abs.. but no traction control... was wondering what the low down is on this feature? is this something simple to ask the dealer to install? actual parts? or software controled?
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Not necessarily - the traction control monitors the relative speed of the two driving wheels. If they both slip equally, the TCS will be happy and do nothing. Only if one wheel begins to slip (or turn at a different rate than the other) does the TCS sense that something is wrong.

TCS uses the ABS sensors, so it only knows wheel rotational speed - not what is happening on the ground.

I think that is important to know, I also found that TCS didn't work so quick on wet straight line surfaces, realized that it is likely due to the two wheels slipping equally. I expect it to be more useful in winter conditions where it is more likely to get one wheel spins. Thanks for the information.
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