traction control

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got a sel v6 with abs.. but no traction control... was wondering what the low down is on this feature? is this something simple to ask the dealer to install? actual parts? or software controled?
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Traction control is for people who don't know how to drive.
[/quote]Usually, people that don't know how to drive say that.

To me, traction control on a FWD is kinda meaningless, but can save your ass in a RWD. I was driving in the rain the other day and hit a rather large area of standing water and felt nothing -- yet my little dummy light for the traction control was oging ape shit. Couldn't feel anything doing anything, so who knows.

I have intentionally 100% floored it in the rain, only to have my tires spin like crazy for about 2 seconds and then it cut my power completely. Re-applied only a fraction of the power from there on out. I continued to hold my foot to the floor, just to see what would happen. It accelerated very slowly, even though the pedal was pinned.

It really is on my car with no use for it. I think if I was living back in Michigan, it might come in handy with some snow, sleet or ice and rain -- but not here in Florida.
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