Tires and rims

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Gotta love a nice 5 spoke wheel, really nice pick and will look great, post pics when you get them on. I think youll be happy that you went with a 19, 20 is just a little to big for the car.
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Nah. I've learned to accept that some people are just too scared to put 20's on cars.

To each their own!
I dont think its a matter of being scared, i just dont think 20s are ment for a car, you put that kind of rim on a small suv or truck. I personaly dont think that big of a wheel does anything for the car, but like you said, to each their own
very nice very clean, very simple. looks great, i love a nice clean car that is done rite, great work, nice ride :nice:
1 - 3 of 124 Posts