Tires and rims

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That's a lil better... :lol:
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lower you say? OK...if you insist. I don't recommend it though! :lol:

O higher? OKaaaay... :(
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[quote author=Canadian_LX link=topic=203588.msg4205628#msg4205628 date=1332324329]
Oh snap, we REALLY need someone on this forum with air ride.

That first pic of the dumped fusion is so legit.

Not happening in Omaha... :(
[quote author=BlackFusion07 link=topic=203588.msg4205834#msg4205834 date=1332346872]
Everyone thinks they drive on the worst roads in the worst conditions. My response, SUCK IT UP! :p

I'm not talking no bags in Omaha because of the road's no bags because there's no one in town that installs them that I know of.

You want a lift kit installed on your truck, that's cool, ton's of places...but god help you if you wanna go lower than stock.
1 - 4 of 124 Posts