Tires and rims

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I got them 19x8.5 rims, tires 235/35ZR -19 Goodyear Eagle GT (W) XL. I only went two size bigger, because of the roads over here I don't want the rims to get messed up.

lol, my 20's have the same protection from the road as your 19's.

They will still look plenty big though, no lip generally creates the effect of a bigger wheel which is a plus!
Nah. I've learned to accept that some people are just too scared to put 20's on cars.

To each their own!
And yet if someone was to see a stanced A4 (which is a compact car mind you) on 20's they would drool over it...

I also find it rather comical that the OP says he's "not digging the 20's look" except that his 19's will look just as big as mine due to their design characteristics
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It might look the same, but definitely it will be a different look, and more tire for a smoother ride. Nothing against your rims but I don't like chrome and rims that look to big on a sedan.

If they look the same size, how are they any different? And your tires have no more protection than mine so ride quality is the same and wheel protection factor is the same :)
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It has a little more protection than 20's, giving it a smoother ride than 20's. They don't look the same totally two different kind of wheels. :crazy: :crazy: :blah: :blah:

If you want to get technical, i've actually got more protection than you :) which means a smoother ride as well.
It's not a belief my friend, it's fact. I have a taller sidewall on my wheels than you which means more rim protection and a smoother ride.
I just don't want the wrong information being posted. Wheels are a personal preference and as always we're free to choose and mod as we like.

Make sure to post pics of the wheels once installed, i'm sure they're going to look amazing! :)

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Oh no no no, I never get upset about things like this. People just seem to get me going sometimes ... BORAK!!!!! ... not naming any names though of course :) Sure, I stoked the fire a bit with my original comment (strictly for fun!) but I never wanted it to go any further lol.

It's fun to discuss things like this, especially in the winter - helps to pass the time. :lol:

Keith, my wheels weigh 26lbs a piece without air/tires. I think your 18's are around the same weight? There was definitely a noticeable difference in power when I put them on. The car felt a lot more laggy. If you want speed and handling, 20's are definitely not the way to go. Ride quality has suffered a tiny bit, but nothing substantial. It's not like I feel every bump in the road or anything like that. A little more rough, but it's something I'm willing to deal with for the sake of having them haha. People who ride in the car don't know any difference and have never commented on any sort of poor ride or "non-Lincoln" feel.

I have never really been about speed or handling with this car, I went the show route. It's not fast and it handles like a Lincoln should. I accepted that right from the get-go.
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I feel your pain! I work nights too, though tonight is my first night off :)

Yeah, my four on / four off are pretty messed, but it's much worse when you have to focus and go to do learnings.
How heavy are the wheels you are purchasing? My guess is that you're going to notice a slight difference in fuel economy. My wheels are also something like 4% larger than factory size so my mileage is automatically going to go down because the car is registering less.
^^ Truuf!!

So you spend a tiny bit more on gas, oh well - at least you're rolling on some nice wheels which makes it all worth it!
Except up here when gas changes 0.02 overnight... 60L x 0.02 = 1.20$ in extra gas!
Oh wow they look great!

Honestly, you won't mind the ride. People seem to make a big deal out of low pro tires sometimes but the quality doesn't depreciate that much and even when it does, it's worth it for the sake of having nice wheels lol.

I also second the motion that moar low is in the future. Would look amazing with those wheels!
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Wheels look great.

19>20 BTW lol

You're lucky you have a Lincoln... :lol:
I like them!! They look amazing on the car. A nice drop will set it off nicely.
Well hawt dayumm!!! Those look awesome dude! Makes me want to put mine on too lol.

How does it ride?
Yeah, the ride isn't that bad after all, people make a bigger deal out of it than it really is.

Calipers can be done in an afternoon! Just get some black enamel spray paint and a piece of cardboard in your other hand so you don't spray on the car lol.
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That looks sick as hell! :drool:
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