Tires and rims

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Yeah, I'm looking to drop it maybe 1.5". I wonder if it would void the warranty. I took it for wash today and detail the tires. They do looks great. I will take pics. tomorrow afternoon.

Hi 1 Fusion 12. :wavey: This type of question has been answered many times in the past. Short answer: If you install aftermarket springs and later have any sort of suspension, halfshaft or other similar drivetrain related issues, there is a very good chance that Ford/the Dealer will deny your Warranty claim. That is different than "void the warranty". And contrary to popular belief, Ford (or any automaker) does not have to prove the springs (or any aftermarket modification) caused the Warranty issue. If they deny the claim, you are SOL unless you can convince them otherwise (doubtful), take them to arbitration or take them to court.

For a longer explanation, see this existing thread (first post and reply #7):

Hope this helps and good luck. :cheers:
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