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I have a used ford fusion 2010 sel and the reset tire pressure light came on and service advance trac warning and I have the proper ford tmps reset tool and only 3 of my 4 wheels register during the process the wheel that doesn’t reset during the procedure is my right driver side wheel and it’s also a different wheel as well any suggestions? it’s also runs well other than that the wheel that doesn’t reset is in the pics below and it’s different than the other 3(first time ford owner)
HI Dwbk. The tire pressure fault is likely due to the battery in that one sensor dying. In general, the batteries last ~10 years, so if the original owner never replaced them, they are long past due. You can have a faulty sensor replaced at your local Ford Dealer, any competent tire shop or local independent shop etc.

Are you looking at new tires any time soon? If yes, just wait until you are getting tires and have all four sensors replaced then.

Also...are you sure that different wheel is the same size as the other three? You can determine that finding the tire sizes on the side of all four and posting that information back here. If that different wheel is the wrong diameter, that could be the cause of your AdvanceTrac warning.

Get back to us and good luck.
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