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I have a 2012 Fusion SEL, which I purchased new. 56,361 miles. This has been a very reliable car. In fact, it is literally true that I never needed to take it in for repairs until this year. And I don't do minor repairs on my own.

During this past winter, the brake system light would come on intermittently. At the same time, the dash would display “check brake system,” also intermittently. I took it into the local garage I like. They could find no problem.

I began to wonder if the relevant computer was failing and had plans to take it to a local dealer when a serious problem intervened. The engine was running rough. I took the car to the dealer. They found that cylinder #3 was failing and replaced all spark plugs and all “coil asy – ign.” What's important for my current purposes is that they also replaced the associated computer.

By that time it was April and the weather was mostly above freezing. Once I had the car back, I found that the identical brake system messages were still displaying intermittently. So I took the car back to the same dealer. They could find nothing wrong.

According to the service report, they inspected the brake lines and hoses, topped off the fluid, and inspected the pads, rotors and calipers, which were “good.” It said “FRONT BRAKES 6B / REAR BRAKES 7B.” Whatever that means.

They also performed a battery test and reported “BATTERY TEST GOOD @ 12.38V.”

Any ideas as to what might be causing the alerts? My wife suspects that an electrical connection has vibrated loose. My own suspicion is that there might be a sensor somewhere that is failing, but I don't know enough about cars to point to anything specific. The messages are still displaying, and it's now generally warm outside.
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