Things you DON'T Like about the Fusion, Milan, or Zephyr / MKZ

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What DON'T you like about these vehicles?
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Re: Things you DON'T Like about the Fusion, Milan, or Zephyr / MKS

Regarding the Fusion-
Dash lighting and lack of on some controls, radio display (aka. looks old and dated) , no traction control offered on I4, no stability offered on any variant, no MT offered on the V6, no leather option on the I4, no heated seat option on I4 or without leather seats, SAB and SAC (side curtain air bags) not standard, no rear cabin reading lights, fit and finish not consistent, some very cheap trim parts (too many to mention), as mention by previous poster regarding the lack of power window one touch up (on both front windows), plus can someone inform me if the power windows(any of them) have the  anti-trap feature. Also can someone let me know if the front passenger seat has a tilt feature(for the bum cushion). Reason I ask is my brother just purchased a MY2006 Freestyle AWD Limited and the front paxs seat does not have tilt.

Last thing is the rear end treatment, it just doesn't balance with the rest of the edgey look. To me it looks like a fancy Nissan Sentra.
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Things I don't like about the Fusion:

For some reason, sometimes, when I get in and out of the car, I hit the trunk opening button located to the bottom left corner of the steering wheel.  This position for this button sucks; it is so easy to hit it with the knee and I constantly have my trunk open without noticing sometimes.

I don't like that the car feels like it has too many understeer.  Especially when you hit a bump during a turn, you feel that the car can't grip the road at all.  Feels very unsafe, especially if its raining or snowing.

Trim pieces that look so cheap, including the inside door handles.  And I agree with the fact that the turning signal lever is TOOO high.

The jack position in the trunk totally SUCKS...the way its bolted etc.  There's no light or anything that helps you see at night and its so hard to put back in there. :klavergreg:

No trunk light :?:
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