The reply I got from Kenne bell Superchargers

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At this time we do not offer anything for your application.

Thanks for your inquiry.
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Think about this from a tuners prospective. They make the kit for the 3.0 DOHC Escape/Tribute. All you would need is someone to tune your PCM for the boost and make sure you have adequete fuel delivery. The question that should have been ask is as follows: Do you have a tuner kit for the Escape/Tribute? Kenne Bell already offers a Tuner kit for mustangs which is basically the charger itself and what it takes to mount and plumb it, no engine management. When you want to modify a new car or one that doesnt get a lot of call for performance, you have to improvise and use ingenuity to reach your goals until the aftermarket picks up. Just like a guy I know wanted a supercharger on his 3.0 Vulcan Ranger, no one made one so he modified one to fit. Now whipple makes one. It just takes time so be patient and dont write off a company because they havent got around to it yet.
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