The reply I got from Kenne bell Superchargers

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At this time we do not offer anything for your application.

Thanks for your inquiry.
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Well I did kind of felt brushed off! Because I emailed by stating I would be honor if they were to use my Fusion for R&D? And that was all they wrote...But O well? I will look for a different Co. That will give me the best customer service. An offer the parts I need.
Its just the way companies care nowadays! This is the way thngs work I'am willing to ask for a 3k+ (customer) company! Sorry at this time we dont even think we will be making it for your car, but we will keep you in mind if in the future we do R&D..
Me the (customer) will cool I guess will have to wait?
I myself listen to complaints all day about FORD so I myself will go give my bsnns to some1 else that takes there time.. If you have not noticed FORD/GMC are laying of over 60k people... And what they tell us at work now is that we have to kiss ass xtra hard now! So I expect that xtra from other bsnns out there!
CUSTOMER SERVICE! DONT YOU GET!! 6K FOR A BLOWER! NOT WHEN i ONLY PADI 18K FOR MY CAR! And yourself as a bsnns owner or sponsor need to calm down.. Rememeber we are the customers? But you will probably say you dont need my bsnn? please pm if you need my phn# so I can explain? This is my last post in regards to this!
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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