The reply I got from Kenne bell Superchargers

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At this time we do not offer anything for your application.

Thanks for your inquiry.
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I know those guys pretty well. They don't fool around when they do a kit. In saying that... They did kits for Miatas and Escapes...they haven't sold well at all.
They are very cautious about doing any more kits for fringe vehicle enthusiasts.
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I believe they went bankrupt and were bought out by somebody. I read something about that over at Stangnet. They might not have the funds to do R&D.

Thats BS. Has nothing to do with money for R&D... It has more to do with spending money on R&D that you will never get back. People forget that a company is in business to make money. How many Fusion kits are they going to sell????? Maybe 5-10 a year. Not worth the investment.
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Well I did kind of felt brushed off! Because I emailed by stating I would be honor if they were to use my Fusion for R&D? And that was all they wrote...But O well? I will look for a different Co. That will give me the best customer service. An offer the parts I need.

I think you guys underestimate whats involved... Having a vehicle to use is a very small part of it. They still have to design parts, cast parts, machine parts, work on the calibration, identify all the little fasteners etc... To keep the price down they need to buy in volume. If they buy in volume they'll need to sell to get their money back. If it takes years to get their investment back....they lose money.

Think about it. It is a very big commitment in manpower and money.
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I'd just've liked them to include whether or not they had any INTEREST or INTENT in developing such a product, not just 'we don't have one.'  I assume not, of course, but would've been nice to know.

They did answer. If they had any intent or interest they would have told you. The aftermarket has known about the Fusion for at least a year. If they wanted to they would have.
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If you have not noticed FORD/GMC are laying of over 60k people... And what they tell us at work now is that we have to kiss ass xtra hard now! So I expect that xtra from other bsnns out there!

Are you willing to pay $6k for a supercharger set-up?

Ford laying off people has nothing to do with Kenne-Bell making a blower for a Fusion. If Kenne-Bell makes a Fusion kit and then doesn't sell any...they will have to lay-off.
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CUSTOMER SERVICE!  DONT YOU GET!! 6K FOR A BLOWER! NOT WHEN i ONLY PADI 18K FOR MY CAR! And yourself as a bsnns owner or sponsor need to calm down.. Rememeber we are the customers? But you will probably say you dont need my bsnn? please pm if you need my phn# so I can explain? This is my last post in regards to this!

I'm not getting upset about this. I just have a better perspective about whats involved to make a blower kit.

$6k is about what it would take to get somebody to do a one-off kit for a car. Since there will never be any volume for a Fusion supercharger kit you'll have to look at somebody making one custom. It may be possible to adapt an Escape kit....but I know there are some differences in the intake manifold. The intakle manifold is one of the most importanat and expensive parts of the kit.

For example.... There are a ton of V6 Mustangs out there. ProCharger, Vortech and myself have kits for them. Do they sell? Not really. I have sold less than 10. I bet Vortech and ProCharger don't sell more than 25 a year. There are millions of V6 Mustangs out there but most V6 buyers don't have the $3500 needed to install a blower.

A Kenne-Bell kit for a Fusion would cost at least $4k. Are you willing to pay $4k? What are you willing to pay?
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