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yeah. yo can you help me by telling me how to post a pic of my car under my profile name like you. i have the pic its on my HD.
HD :screwy: High definition?

:lol: it's prolly to big....if possible open mspaint click image > attributes > under the units box select pixels > the width and height can't be bigger then 125 X125 > get your pic to fit in there save and upload it
gracias HD- hardrive :eek:
well its lik 2000+ by 2000+ when i got to image>attributes i change it but it resizes the image just to show the top left corner. i need to shrink the whole image to 125 by 125. anyone help me with that one?>
you have to do selecat all on paint so it will resize the whole image not just show the corner.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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