Test Drove SEL V-6

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Back in Nov they had the first fusion arrive at the military car sales lot on base. I decided to test drive it, it was a dune pearl SEL V-6 with charcoal interior, no leather. I've never been a fan of Ford but this car really caught my attention. Even though I didn't like the color. The salesman walked out tossed me the keys, told me not to go off base, and walked back inside. Nice. I got in the car, started it up, it vibrated in a very weird way for about 15 seconds then idled smoothly. I sat there playing with the HVAC controls, radio and various dash switches. All the switches operated smoothly with a nice damped feel. I was impressed. Still could not believe it was a ford. The soft touch dash and doors were nice, overall build quality looked really good, everything was straight. I then took off, but unfortunately the speed limit in base is 30 mph, but all in all, torque wasn't so bad. I did get to open it up for a brief second from 20 mph, the 6-speed hesitated for a second then downshifted, scared my wife lol. Took off pretty good, but that was only to 30 mph, so I have no idea how this thing really feels on the open road. Ride was really quiet, although the v-6 sounds kinda raspy in my opinion. And most importantly (to me) there were no squeeks and rattles. I liked the car so much I went back a week later and ordered the SE 4-banger in black. 2 weeks after that, two more fusions arrived on the lot, a merlot SE 4-cylinder manuall, and a titanium green SE V-6. I always thought the green was ugly in photos but it really shines in the sun, so I changed the color on my order to green and camel interior. I admit the black looks the best, but the roads over here in England are very nasty with the salt and loose gravel, black would show all the dings and nicks this car will pick up during the rest of my stay. Anyways I sat in the merlot 4-cylinder, and the build quality of that car was even better than the one I drove, panel gaps looked tighter, and the switches felt even better too. I started it up so I could hear the engine, since it is the same one I am getting. Quiet enough, and sounds kinda buzzy like any 4 banger does. Didn't get to drive it though since it had no plates at the moment. Overall, I love this car and I hope it lasts a very long time, unfortunately mine doesn't get here until March. Right after I ordered mine, I sold my Frontier Crew Cab, I needed something with much better gas mileage and a bigger interior, I just don't fit in this thing anymore at 6 ft tall. On that note, I found a very comfortable seating position in the fusion, and the seat wasn't even all the way back, I then sat behind the driver's seat and still had lots of room. This car is much bigger than it looks. Long story short, I'm very impressed with this car.
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