Test Car Needed for V6 Header Development (SoCal)

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He everyone,

we are in need of a 2006 Ford Fusion V6 for development of a set of Shorty Headers and Y-Pipe. The R&D Shop is in Glendale, CA and the car would be needed for about 1 week for the initial go around. After a functioning prototype is ready to be installed, we would need you to return with the car for the installation (about 3-5 hours). We will need to conduct dyno testing of your car before and after the installation of the headers as well.

If you are interested in helping us with this development and receiving a free set of $700+ headers, please send me a private message.


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I'd gladly do it if I lived there. Good luck!
ANything come of this? Some of us want to get some headers!
I think that you mean Mazda6 oil pan, not to mention internal's as well. Not worth voiding warranty work on my engine. Read it in the past, and that's where it's gonna stay.
Wish I was there. I'd hook you all up. What about asking a dealer or something for a car? You'd never know. Glad to know that they ARE coming.
[quote author=ILikeFordsToo link=topic=39577.msg646817#msg646817 date=1144104262]
Will there be a carb sticker on it so it can pass smog?
[/quote]I believe that the headers aren't street legal. For "Off Road" use only, ie: track, autocross and racing. Not for daily driving situations.
Any news on this yet?
We need to do this, come on!
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