Taurus SHO

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I saw my first Taurus SHO, WOW!!!! Tuxedo black with graphite leather!!!!!WOW!! What an EVIL LOOKING CAR!~!!!
Hefty price too! It sure looks like Ford is seriously becoming the CAR company, and is letting trucks take the back seat, neat product!

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I love the SHO. I'm becoming obsessed over it. I'm thinking I'll have money in 2011 for a used 2010 SHO...I love driving fast, but I don't like driving wild, so, I think a SHO could be right up my alley.

People complain about the handling, but, they don't realize how big the car is.

I don't know of many cars that are as heavy that handles better or actually moves quicker than the Taurus.

In the past 3 months, I've seen maybe 15-20 '10 Taurus's out on the road and maybe 5-6 of those were SHO's...
Yes, I will say that handling is a bit sloppy but I know that it's fixable. It had all the handling issues that my stock Fusion had when I got it. The swaybar on this thing is rather large, size I couldn't tell you, but it's large. Reminds me of the progress RSB that I installed on the Fusion. The problem isn't in the ass anyway - - it seems to be spring related. If someone made a good spring/shock combo for this thing (ahem steeda?), I'd be set.
That Audi was $62k v. the $41k taurus. If only ford can get people to get over the glitz of an audi symbol they'd do very well w/ the SHO. If it was a TDI Audi that moved that fast..I'd still take the audi though. :)
The X-Plan prices for a SHO including $825 D&D are $36,210 for a base 400B and $38,636 for a well-equipped 402B. Not bad compared to anything else in its performance class. I looked up the Cadillac CTS-V for grins, and was astounded to see GM is asking $72,045 for that thing! Sure it has a Corvette motor, but you can buy two SHO's for that! :shock:
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The whole thing..Jeremy did it in a diesel jag in 10 mins and the other driver whos name I forget did it in the transit in 10:07

Ah yes, Sabine Schmitz, "Queen of the Nurburgring"! She has appeared on several Top Gear episodes. When Jeremy was bragging about making it around the Ring in the Jag in 9:59, she said she could do that in a van. So was born the Transit Challenge (note, not the Transit Connect, but a full-size, diesel powered Transit commercial van).

She gave it a great try, as you can see in these videos. Watch her pass a motorcycle! She even did one run while drafting a Viper to cut the wind resistance.
I wish I could get a Taurus SHO, but with the interior of a MKS... :D
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