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Well, I am playing with some alternatives here. An idea that I had was to get rid of this car and get two beaters. Save on insurance and payments. I already have one beater, so I'd really only need another one.

Here is my deal:

I have what most of you know on here as the "CD338". The car is a 2006 Ford Fusion SEL. It's loaded with every option, plus a body-kit by 3dCarbon. Also has tinted windows.

The car stickered for $26,000. I got this thing on employee discount, and have a Red Carpet lease on it. That is why the payment is so low.

I have 31 more payments of $284.13. That's only $8,808. Then if you decide to purchase, the residual is near $10,000. You get a brand new car for $10,000 below sitcker.

If anyone is interested, I can do this at any time. All I will need is $3,000 and a trip to the Ford Dealer and change the name on the lease paperwork. I believe that there is a $75 dollar fee to transfer the paperwork, but that's it.

Insurance is pretty cheap as well -- I'm 23, no accidents, 3 speeding tickets [lol] and my rate is $118/month for full complete converage.

Here are some specs on the car if you want to know more about it, or if you are incredibly bored...

2006 Fusion SEL
3.0 V6, DOHC - 221 horsepower
6-speed automatic
Fully independent suspension
225/50/17 Michelin's on 17x7 wheels
Black heated leather interior
Power Moonroof
6CD/MP3 changer, 8 speakers
Side/Curtain airbags
Traction control
4-wheel disc brakes
Autop-dimming rearview mirror
Heated Mirrors and entry lamps
Auto on/off headlights
Added aftermarket:

Tinted windows, 15% on all
Different high/low/fog bulbs
Body kit by 3dCarbon

Here is a link to many pictures, and some movies of the car: [The link isn't working right now for some reason. I can email pictures to you.]

Let me know if you, or anyone you know could be interested. Cash goes to the person who can unload this thing for me.


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Well, I'm not really wanting to get "rid" of it. I love the car, but I've owned a GT Mustang for several years and never been able to use it. I am considering getting out of the lease, bringing the Mustang down to Florida and getting a beater car for a daily-driver, and enjoying the Mustang while I am young, single and no kids. The Fusion is great, and I am not even 100% sure if I want to do this.

Just getting options and ideas.

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Scrap the beater , it will nickel and dime you to death. Drive the fusion to work, get the looks all week and then drive your pony on the weekend :D Living in Forida I would love to be able to drive something nice everyday. Good Luck on whatever you decide. But dam the Fusion does look sweet :p


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Cudos and CrossBolt,

The perfect combination would be to have the Fusion and the Mustang in one stable. The $284 a month for the Fusion plus the $6,000 I owe on the Mustang... I can get a loan through my Credit Union. I don't think that I can afford the Fusion payment AND the Mustang payment at the same time.

It's a long story about the 5.0. My parents bought the car 5 years ago in Ohio while I was in Florida the first time. I then re-paid them. I owned the car, it was mine. When I left for Japan, I needed a new computer and a car over there. I sold the Mustang back to then for the original $6,000. So now the car is in my name, but I don't "own" it.

I went to Japan, bought a car, bought a computer, bought alot of things, and re-re-paid the Mustang. It was "mine" again. I sold my cars in Japan, and came back to the USA after purchasing a Ford Ranger.

I paid the Ranger off with half the money from the Mustang, as I was going to take the Ranger with ME to Florida. I now own the Ranger, and don't own the Mustang.

I put the Ranger up for sale, and used the other $3k from the Mustang for the down payment on the Fusion. Now I don't own the Mustang and own a Ranger that I am selling.

Now, when I sell the Ranger, that money goes back to my Mom and Dad since they bought it and I used the money from the Mustang for the down payment on the Fusion.

After all is said and done, I'll be left with the original situation: I don't own the damn Mustang. I want the Mustang AND the Fusion, but I don't think I can afford the following:

$900 apartment rent.
$284 Fusion payment.
$119 Insurance [close to that]
$70 Cell phone bill
~$25 power bill
~25 water bill

Misc monies for the food, entertainment and everything else.

I cook alot, I don't go out to eat, etc etc...

But I don't want to live on hot dogs, or live check to check.

I AM, however, able to still save around $300-$350 a month, which is way more than the Mustang loan payment per month for 36 or even 24 months. 36 months is $166 and 24 is $250.

If shit really hit the fan and I wanted, or NEEDED to fall back on my savings, I wouldn't have any. My parents are not going to get rid of the Mustang, nor are they going to let me have it without me paying for it. They have done enough for me and I am very grateful for it.

I am not going to mod the Fusion anymore after the programmer. The wheels, drop, exhaust, everything is on hold until I get back on track the way I want to be.

My apartment IS very expensive for me, but it beats a $600 a month payment and living in not a nice area where I don't sleep at night because of the noise, rowdy people or car theft/vandalism -- you know?

I am hoping to catch a deployment over to Iraq, Afghanistan or something to get out of my apartment, out of the Fusion, and go make some money.

Come back and buy the Mustang and another new car. Maybe I'd keep the Fusion and pay it off while I was gone. There are so many avenues that I can take, but I need time to know which one is the best.

I guess liike I said, I am seeing how much interest there is on this.

Thanks for all the responses, and please keep them coming. I appreciate it.

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I see your point now. If you are going to be gone for a couple of years, the Fusion will be two years old when you get back and worth less money. When you get back, it would make sense to buy a new one with possible power train upgrades. I get it now.
Well, if you go, I want to wish you the very best. Keep your head down and your finger on the trigger!

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True about the powertrain advances and possible "sporty" version. Hmmm... Paid off car that I would still like and have money to make it "mine" verse something that anyone can buy and still owe?

Still in the air, but I have a decent feeling that I'll be keeping the "CD338" for quite some time. Just might be a slow modification process...

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Anyone interested? Back in full swing to unload this sucker.

PM me for more info...
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