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Hey Fusion drivers!
I'm curious, does anyone know if you can install the tail lights from a 2013-2016 Fusion on a 2017?
I know many online aftermarket parts say "only for 2013-2016, or, 2017-2018" I wanted to upgrade my taillights but the ones I want say for 2013-2016. I'm guessing this is because of the middle plastic piece that is located under the Ford emblem (camera/trunk button). If I switch that piece out for an older model (my car is 2017) then I can install the tail lights?
Has anyone done this.? I didn't want to purchase lights to have them not work.
I'm guessing the bolts and plugs are all the same since the trunk lid itself never changed entire run for that model (2013-2020) unless it did change and i didn't know.??
Any info would be great!!!!
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