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Hi gang. Although there is very little participation here anymore, I will post this information just in case.

There is now a new NAV map update for SYNC3. WoooHooo! It is available here for Ford vehicles here: and for Lincoln vehicles here:

Once I input my vehicle information, the site states the NAV map update is complementary for 2018-2019 MKZ's. There is no charge for the update for 2018-2019 vehicles, if you download the files yourself onto your computer and create your own USB drive to perform the NAV update. Or you can opt to have them mail you a USB drive containing the files, for a $40 fee. I opted to download for free.

For 2017 model year vehicles, there is a $109 charge for the download option, and $149 for the shipped USB option.

It is a large file, >13GB. After downloading, you unzip and transfer the files to a USB drive in a manner similar to a regular SYNC update, for those who are familiar with that process. They provide detailed downloadable instructions.
The instructions also state to plan on a 1 hour install, during which time the car/engine must be kept running.

To download, you will need your VIN# and "SYNC ESN Serial Number". To get your SYNC ESN serial number, click on the gear/"Settings" icon on your SYNC screen. Then click "General". Then scroll down the screen and click on "About SYNC". Then be sure to scroll to the bottom of the next screen to get your "SYNC Serial Number (ESN)" number, not the "Onboard Modem Serial Number (ESN)", which is listed first. You will understand why I gave those instructions when you go to the website and look at your SYNC settings screen.

This download will update the NAV map version to "NA 1 18" (my current version is "NA 1 16").

For informational purposes, the install went smoothly. Just a few things to mention/warn about. The install began as the instructions detailed. So I settled in for my 2 1/2 hour drive to Penn State, expecting the installation to take about an hour, as per the instructions. However, after about 5 minutes, the Installation Complete screen popped up for about 20 seconds (but then disappeared before I could click "Okay"), stating that the install had been successful, I could remove the USB and the update would be complete once I performed a restart cycle of the car (as per the instructions).

I felt that was far too quick, so I left the USB in, kept driving and did not turn off the car. Then after a few minutes, SYNC rebooted and showed it was still performing System Updates. It would reboot occasionally, show information screens, etc. About 30 minutes into the drive, the same thing happened. Stated install was complete, remove the USB, stop and restart the car etc., but the screen disappeared again after ~20 seconds or so, again before I could even click "Okay".

I still felt that was too quick, so again, I left the USB in and kept driving. Same result, reboot, and System Updating began again. Occasional reboots, Information screens etc.

At about the 1 hour mark, the System Update successful screen popped up again, stating the install would be completed once I performed an engine stop and restart. I kept driving for several minutes, and this time the screen stayed visible and did not disappear.

I then pulled over and performed the required restart cycle of...engine/ignition off (I also opened my door to turn off Accessory power), wait at least 15 seconds (I waited a minute), then restart.

After restarting, I went into SYNC settings to check my NAV maps version. It was successfully updated from version "NA 1 16" to "NA 1 18". WoooHooo!

So if there is a moral to this story, I guess it would be: Despite some early/false "Install Complete" screens, the install does seem to take ~1 hour. So don't rush it, be patient, and ensure the install is actually complete.

Hope this information helps and good luck.
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