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Hey All!

I've got a 2015 Ford Fusion SE with the Sync 2 System, Non Nav. Some time ago, I lost my Sync media abilities. I cannot play music via bluetooth or USB. I've done some reading on this and it seems my issue is somewhat different from the common issues. I can press the Media button, however it simply flashes the sync screen for about a second and then goes back to FM. This naturally renders me unable to perform any kind of reset procedure, as for whatever reason ford decided to hide the system menu under the media source. I've never understood that but whatever right?

I'm at a loss and starting to get really annoyed with it. I thought perhaps I could reset the radio and APIM unit by disconnecting the battery terminals for 15 minutes or so. That didn't work. So I tried pulling all of the radio related fuses while disconnecting battery terminals. No cigar. Radio STILL has presets saved so it's clearly not losing all power. So then I tried physically unplugging the radio and APIM unit and plugging them back in. Nothing, STILL has presets.

I'm at a loss here. The only way I can see myself having a chance at getting my media capabilities back, aside from replacing units, is if I can get this thing to hard reset somehow, but I have no clue how else to drain the power from the units.

Anyone have any advice?

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