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I have an 06 Black Ford Fusion. First I had water spots. Which are now 95% gone. I just had it waxed. Yet now I can see swirl marks I think thats what they are called. I don't even know how swirl marks are created or how to get rid of them. And I have some paint chips on the hood, and my Ford emblem on the rear has chips, I don't know how. I still love the car, but with all of this, I'm thinking of a Mazda that isn't black. So what should I do about swirl marks?

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sounds like you may have had a place do a detail job on you car and they did a number on your paint. But it's not ruined, they may have used an orbital buffer to apply the wax but skipped out on applying a buffing glaze prior to waxing. Either take it back to them and tell them to do it correctly or you can help it out yourself by glazing it by hand. You'll need to find out if there is a supply house in your area that carries the 3M line of products, if so get some 3M Imperial Hand Glaze. This stuff will moisturize the clear coat and hide the swirls, use it just like polish in a cool place out of the sun. Once your done with that stage re-apply a coat of polish (preferably Zymol). I know many will tell you that Mequires is the best, but I've tried Mequires and remain unimpressed. Zymol uses a natural based composition (no Petroleum). To get the best results, after you apply it to the paint you don't need to let it haze up, but take your applicator (microfiber covered spong) and clean it in water and wring it out so it still is a little wet. Re-wipe an area with the applicator wet and use two microfiber polishing cloths, 1 to remove the majority of the wet polish and dry the area and the other to buff up to a high gloss. This method will eliminate streaks and shadows.
You should polish you car with the four seasons and use a detailing spray after you wash your car in between those seasons.
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