SVT Fusion, TwinTurbo D35 spotted

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Dear all, I usually post at MAzda3Forums or Focus forums, but here is a little bit about Fusion:

here is a Jalponik post based on my email to them:
It links to Wards Auto interview with Jamie Allison that says the SVT Fusion and Edge are in the works.

Please also see this post:
It shows an indication of what Ford thought up for the D35... Twin Turbo 350hp/325ft/lb

My wet dream is that engine in AWD Fusion... or Edge with SVT styling clues and badges on it.

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the ford gt is not a working mans car. the mustang and fusion are. two different classes here. ford will never let a "family car" out perform the mustang.

Not a normal Fusion, but a SVT then it should be faster than a normal Mustang GT. That's what the SVT Mustang is for to keep it ahead of a SVT Fusion.
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I know we all wish for a performance Fusion of some sort. But lets face the music, the Mustang is Fords winner in this category. Ford will never allow sales to be taken away from the Mustang.. :( So, the SVT Fusion will probably be a sport tuned Fusion with the 3.5 260HP V6... maybe offer a 6spd manual or some sort of manumatic transmission. Some ground affects or body pieces to be able to distinguish from regular Fusions.. and that it folks...

I disagree, a lot of people who would look at the Fusion would not look at the Mustang, as they want the room with performance. Also, remember the old SHO's were equal with the old Fox Bodies with a good driver. That didn't take away sales from the Mustang, two totally different categories of vehicles.
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Dude, a good driver in a early 90's SHO could take out a Fox-Body. Those things flew, they sadly got slower with time.

Your right, I had a memory fart!..  I 've owned both the Fox Body and a SHO.  93 SHO Forest Green, and a 89 Black and Grey Mustang GT with the optional 3.55 gears.  Ahh those were fun cars.[
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