SVT Fusion, TwinTurbo D35 spotted

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Dear all, I usually post at MAzda3Forums or Focus forums, but here is a little bit about Fusion:

here is a Jalponik post based on my email to them:
It links to Wards Auto interview with Jamie Allison that says the SVT Fusion and Edge are in the works.

Please also see this post:
It shows an indication of what Ford thought up for the D35... Twin Turbo 350hp/325ft/lb

My wet dream is that engine in AWD Fusion... or Edge with SVT styling clues and badges on it.

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Twin Turbo may be faster than the stock Mustang GT but it would not hold a candle to the GT500 so that is not really an issue. I also doubt that a Twin Turbo would be much faster than a stock GT, slightly perhaps but nothing insanely faster since the price would be on par with a Mustang GT anyway.
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