SVT Fusion, TwinTurbo D35 spotted

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Dear all, I usually post at MAzda3Forums or Focus forums, but here is a little bit about Fusion:

here is a Jalponik post based on my email to them:
It links to Wards Auto interview with Jamie Allison that says the SVT Fusion and Edge are in the works.

Please also see this post:
It shows an indication of what Ford thought up for the D35... Twin Turbo 350hp/325ft/lb

My wet dream is that engine in AWD Fusion... or Edge with SVT styling clues and badges on it.

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Twin Turbo will never hit the way. With the maintenence that comes with running dual turbo's -- I highly doubt it.
I don't know about that statement.

I know that my SVT Focus would run with a stock GT just fine if I could hit every gear perfectly... but as for a TT Fusion, that would rock, but I'd prefer a big single ;)
You are also talking the GT500 being about $20,000 dollars MORE. Same segment for arguments sake.
Dude, a good driver in a early 90's SHO could take out a Fox-Body. Those things flew, they sadly got slower with time.
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