SVT Fusion, TwinTurbo D35 spotted

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Dear all, I usually post at MAzda3Forums or Focus forums, but here is a little bit about Fusion:

here is a Jalponik post based on my email to them:
It links to Wards Auto interview with Jamie Allison that says the SVT Fusion and Edge are in the works.

Please also see this post:
It shows an indication of what Ford thought up for the D35... Twin Turbo 350hp/325ft/lb

My wet dream is that engine in AWD Fusion... or Edge with SVT styling clues and badges on it.

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Turbo in the fusion?..would it not then just be the same Mazdaspeed6 motor (2.3 I4). If they're talking turbo, than would this not be the most logical crossover. Not much "development" to be done. Just raise the hood, throw down the AWD hardware, 6-speed (sweeeet) snicker, rockers and a front air dam. Most importantly: sign me up.
1 - 1 of 67 Posts
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