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I came across this article at
My car got the tsb-trans.-update. My sel-6cycl. has approx. 2880 miles. The car is performing well, but i still feel the lag when cruising and when i need immed. acceleration. I wish the car was more spontaneous without gasing it.
I put a bottle of this stuff in with a 1/4 tank left. I wanted to put in reg./Exxon gas, but they were out. I put in Plus-full tank. No immed. diff. when driving 20 plus min. But the next day, it felt like some WILD-CAMS were installed...Immed. surge. & aggressive feel.
Hopefully, it stays this way without using plus or putting another bottle of this stuff...approx-$8.00.....(Walmart is the cheapest place approx-$6.00)

Just wanted to share my findings with this product...Finally, something worked for me.

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Sounds good. As far as cleaners go the favorite on virtually all car, truck and bike forums is Chevron Techron. Gummout Regane is almost the same product and also excellent. I stock up on these at Advance when they are on sale 8) for 1/2 price - $3 each. A word of caution - it's a damn good idea to use these products shortly before an oil change.
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