stinky smell from AC at the start

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i am sure many of you have experienced this, stinky (mildew) smell at the start when you start the car (mine is 2013 Fusion Ti), i have been experiencing this on and off for few months now, looked up online and found lots of youtube videos talking about it for various cars. one suggested using lysol nuetra air in the AC vents that suck outside air, which are under the hood. it works for few days and the smell comes back.
but i would like to ask if anyone has found any permanent solution. i have heard suggestions like turning off the AC 5 minutes before turning off the car so the evaporator core doesnt remain damp and doesnt become mildew hotbed. whenever i keep the AC on auto, I can see there is lots of condensation, as even in 5 minutes, while the car is standing still there is a puddle under it.
any help is appreciated. :smiler:
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I have the same issue and waiting to see the out come of others.

2013 Titanium
So any updates guys?
I've had the same stink smell for a few years but no one seems to know how to fix it. Does anyone have a fix?
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