starter clunk

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ive seen several complants about the starter grinding with the v6 on the 1st start only when its cold outside or if the car has been sitting for a while, has anyone had this fixed yet? My fusion and its noises im starting to regret buying it. only 6k on it im taking it in on sat for these noises, and the pcm reprogram.
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Chances are the clunk is the AC compressor engaging. Mine does it. Do you have manual or Automatic A/C? If you have auto it engages the compressor as soon as it starts, the a/c oil goes to the lowest and coolest point in the system. When the compressor is engaged it pushes out the oil and causes a grunt. Mine does the same thing. Make sure the A/C is off before starting it and see if it stops. If it does then thats it.
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