Speaker sizes?

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I don't know if this is the place to post this, but I figure that since the "El primo" audio sound system is an option depending on trim level, that this best fits the place for it.

That being said, does anyone know the sizes of the eight speakers? I have the places to stick speakers, but I only have the standard four speakers. Anyone put other speakers in their car and, if so, how easy was it to run line and such? I want to keep my existing CD deck because I love the redundancy of controls on the steering wheel, but I want much better sound.

Thanks everyone.
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The door speakers are 5x7. I pulled my tweeters out when I installed new 2 ways in the front door but don't remember their size. But I'd say about 1.5". Not sure about the rear deck woofers in the audiophile, but I think they are 6x9. There's been some discussion in other threads about aftermarket speakers & subs, with a lot of good information. You may want to read through some of them when you have some spare time.
I removed mine after replacing the doors with 2 ways. There aren't difficult to access if you remove the door panel. You'll likely need to do some "engineering" to get any replacements to fit properly anyway.
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