someone tell me how to back this thing up... please !

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So I've now had my Fusion for about almost 3 months.

I'm a teacher, so I really didn't drive it much over the summer.

Now that I'm driving it daily, I can't get over how difficult it is to back up. :x

There is no way of looking out the back window because the trunk is so high.

Using the side mirrors takes some getting used to, since the car's sides are curved and thus makes it difficult to judge.

I've been lucky that I don't have to parallel park. YIKES

I originally thought it would get easier, since my last car was an SVTF (I could shoehorn that car in anywhere) I thought I was just spoiled. But it hasn't gotten any easier.

I back into my spot at work because we have those parking blocks at the end of each space (I've seen how they can tear off the front fascia of a car if the rebar sticks up, infact I experienced it with my old PROBE when I was a kid...not fun)

Has anyone found a sure proof way to back this baby up?

I think FORD missed the boat on not putting back up sensors on this car (especially with the '07s). My dad's 500 Limited has them. Is it an option for either MKZ or Milan?
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I don't see the big problem. I've never had any issues and I back into all my parking spaces. It's actually easier [for me] than pulling in. Also, then you don't have to back out into moving objects. You back in with non-moving objects.

If you understand how wide and the path of the car while it turns, you can get it down no problem. I'm a one shot type of guy.
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