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Well, here's what I put in the public description:

1. Schedule or help to coordinate the schedualing of relatively frequent meets, get togethers, and events among and and other forum users.
2. Bring the concerns of your regions users (this being especially important internationally) to the attention of the FMVperformance staff and administration
3. Moderate your regional section
4. Promote FMVperformance sites (and encourage others to do the same) in your area. This could include talking to aftermarket companies and dealerships, among other items. This is especially important to the job.

Also as was said, this obviously is a coordination position - there's no way you could do everying in your rather large regions yourself. Just keep tabs on whats going on, encourage people, things like that.

But more important is trying to make business contacts, especially with dealerships.

And always remember - this is about more than the Mazda3 - work with all Mazda's. We have our general mazda site, as dead as it is ( that we're now trying to promote.

So what questions do you have, what more should I say?

This forum is set up for you to share ideas/etc.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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