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I have a 2006 Mercury Milan, 2.3L. Under 75,000 miles.

Back in August I had a powertrain fault. Had it professionally diagnosed, which indicated a bad smog pump. I replaced it myself using a Motorcraft CX2036 pump from Rockauto. Bingo, problem solved.

Today the powertrain light was back on, and the car was in limp mode, or whatever they call it. Just like in August. Finished running errands, got home, shut off the engine and heard the sound of a tiny electric motor spinning. Sure enough, the sound was coming from the smog pump. I unplugged it and the noise stopped. Plugged it back in, noise started. Unplugged it and started the engine, just to make sure it would run. Left the smog pump unplugged for now.

The pump is under warranty, but I guess I don't know for sure that the pump is the problem. It's like the car is telling the pump to run even though the engine is off.

I have a cheapo OBD2 scanner, but my experience back in August tells me it is of no help for a powertrain fault.

Any ideas? Is there a way to test the smog pump itself?
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