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I have a 2007 SE Fusion on order( Job 2) with the 6cd changer that is standard. It will have the Ipod jack as well. Do you know if the stock radio has the satilite built in already, and i just add a antenna and siruis module of some sort. I looking to add sirius without ripping the stock radio out and would love it if I did not have to have anything hanging off the dash. I did not have the option of ordering satilite,because it is a free( fleet) car to me and can't pick any other options except the ones my company provides
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I pick up my Fusion SEL on tomorrow. They appear to come with Sirius radio with some kind of trial subsribtion. I came give you details when I pick it up. Mine is a company fleet car as well. I believe that the 6 CD as well as Sirius is standard on all the Fusions.
I have a 2007 Milan Premier (Job 2) with 6-speaker Audiophile sound system and satellite antenna factory installed.  I asked the sales and service people why I'm not getting Sirius.  Salesman answer was that "satellite radio" needs to be listed on the sticker.  Service guy had to call Ford and they told him that the antenna is installed but not connected to anything.  He did not give me a firm quote but said it would be a "couple hundred" to install the Sirius tuner. 

I called Sirius.  They said to go to  and search for my vehicle.  Part #KNFCD3  ($131.95) says it connects a Kenwood Sirius tuner to many 1995-2004 Ford vehicles with factory rear mounted tuner/amplifier installed.  Will this work on the 2007 models?  Why don't they have more current information posted?

Other searches turned up this:
This website has two factory Ford Sirius Radio Kits, one for Phase 2 plugs and another for T100 plugs, $315 each.  There is also a statement at the top of the page that says: Ford will not have a Sirius kit for the newer style radios with the AUX button, they are only offering Sirius on these radios factory installed.  We are working on an interface to install the SAT Sirius kits to the AUX radios and hope to have them ready in July or August.

I have searched Crutchfields and other websites and cannot get a clear answer on what is the correct tuner.  The price ranges that some people report are anywhere from $49 for a self-installed tuner to $800+ for a dealer-installed tuner.
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Thanks for the information.. You seem to be getting the same information I have been getting. Ford does not know, Dealer does not know, and every web-site is un-clear. What I plan to do is find the best audio shop I can in my area, and see if they know anything. If not I'll do without Sirius radio. Seems a shame that we all want to spend money for this stuff, and nobody can help. I guess I'll just keep my $12.95 a month I would have paid Sirius. I would think that Sirius would get more involved with this hardware stuff, if they want to grow thier customer base.
It's amazing that we are all looking for simple solutions to add sirius to 2006-2007 fusions and nobody has answers. Stereo Installers,Suppliers and even ford and sirius have no simple solutions to our questions. We all have money to spend,but nobody can help....
Hey Scotty,

I picked up my '07 SEL this morning and nothing was said about Satellite radio even though I saw brochures laying around the dealer.  Before being asked to go out to sell,  I purchased a Honda Accord a few years ago. It did come with a free 6 month trial of XM radio and it was truly built into the stock head unit and had the antenna nicely mounted on the roof. 

If Sirius was an upgrade, I, like you, never got to choose that option.  Never offered.

I am in the process of installing my portable XM radio in the Fusion and it involved running the magnetic antenna from the roof directly behind the Ford antenna, through the trunk up to the console.  The wire is nicely hidden under the moldings near the rug.  I will mount the XM skyfi 2 from a bracket which can be attached to the bolt on the seat (which I found out is removable only via allen wrench :(  I am returning to the dealer hoping he has a tool cause you need one big motha allen wrench to loosen the seat bolt!

I will ask about Sirius for you!  I know it is a lot cleaner to have it part of the radio.

Cheer up!  You will have a lot of options with your MP3 jack in the console.  You can run a portable satellite radio through it or run an Ipod through it as well!
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My Mercury dealer service guy said that they (Ford and/or Sirius, but probably Ford) do not have the satellite radio kits available. He thought that they would be available in January(!!). So therefore no pricing is available yet.
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