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Has anyone installed a Sirius radio in a job2 2007 Fusion. The car has the antenna on the roof and has an Ipod jack as well. I'm looking to add the sirius radio just like they do in the factory for $195.00. I don't want anything on the dash,and want to use the factory radio to control the sirius radio. I'm sure the factory just's adds nother tuner(sirius) inside the dash, and maybe a wiring harness. I have been lead to believe that the factory antenna will even work with the sirius radio. I call the dealer they don't seem to know what to do,and said to call sirius. I called sirius and they told me to call the dealer. I called ford and they refered me to dealer. This is a big circle jerk,and I have almost given up. If anyone can tell me a way to get this done( ford part # etc) it would be much appreciated.
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