Sirius in an 06 SEL

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Talked with my local dealer in Arlington, Texas today. They now have the parts in for a factory Sirius install in the 2006 Fusion SEL with 6 cd audiophile. The Sirius unit itself is priced at $395.00. They want $150.00 for the labor to put it in. Parts Manger indicated about a half day for the job. Just thought I'd let everyone know.
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I got the call yesterday from my Ford dealer. My car is going in 12.8.06. I wish my schedule was a little more clear so I could get it installed earlier... but hey... I waited 3 months since I purchased my car... what is a few more days?
I finally got the Ford factory Sirius receiver for my Fusion. I'm depressed. I was hoping to see no wires and roof mounted... but it's trunk mounted and a wire clearly visible. Thank god I had them paint it the color of my car!!! At least it's not TOTALLY ugly.

I finally got that ugly sirius player off my dash... which is a plus. Now I need to get a hidden-dash-installed radar detector.

If you're thinking of going factory for your sirius needs... do it but pay the extra money to have it color matched.
you have a pic of the install? i put a starmate in my car an its out of the way and i have the antenna on the back no wires anywhere an looks great... heres a pic where i put it...
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(above)This is how the dealer will install the OEM Ford Sirius system if it did not come from the factory. I did pay extra for them to paint it. Maybe $40.00. The total bill was just under $600.00 installed and painted. The factory audiophile 6disk radio does control the unit. No extra head-units.

(below)I thought I'd add the other little things I added. Notice the clean direct-wire radar detector and the Mobile Ease Bluetooth control? I also had the windows tinted. The rear window is a 1 piece and does cover the 3rd light. If you look close at the antenna pick above you can see the black 3rd light.

I didn't wash the car... nor did I clean the interior. Next week I have my monthly "white" glove detailing being done. Sorry for the dirt.
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