Shortie at the Wheel

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Hey guys..
I've been thinking about getting a Fusion for a while now, and when I test drove one this past weekend, there was a problem!

I like to drive leaning on the armrest, but since I am really short (5'0") I have the seat jacked all the way up. :shock: In my case I am so far up the seat SURPASSES the arm rest and there's nothing there for me to lean on!! It just feels kinda uncomfortable with open space there...

Is that a lame reason for me not to buy a fusion?
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I sit kind of weird in the car. Lumbar is fully out, the seat is tilted all the way back. Seatback set so my head is on the headrest, like jpilone. I'm as far up as I can comfortably go and the steering wheel is pulled all the way out and low as it can go. It's comfortable to me.... :dunno:
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