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Here is one of the things I am working on.

I wanted fog lights, but didn't want to spend the money to for the OEM ones since everyone says they are garbage.

So I went and searched for another option.

I came across some BMW X5 LED fog lights (pictured below) for a really good price and started trying to get them to work.
The X5 fog lights are really bulky and oddly shaped so it made it quite difficult to get them to fit right but I was determined to get them to work.

Then I came across these ESUSE LED fog lights which were a much better form factor, and not much more than the X5.
You can see the difference compared to the X5

They are both super wide!
X5 top
ESUSE bottom

The ESUSE is a little warmer which works better for fog lights and will match my headlights with the temperature of 5000K
And is a bit more uniform as far as output, and wider :icon_wink:

Trying to figure out how I am going to mount them I came up with mounting them to the fog blank insert.

The fog light fits perfectly in the center of the blank which is amazing!

Trying to get a hold of another set of fog blanks so I can cut those and not have holes in the ones I am using until this is completed lol

Test fit into location (me holding it in place)
Looks nice it there :biggrin:

Crappy picture but here is the output, will get better pictures soon.
The light is aimed more towards the fence to show width.

More pictures to come but this give you an idea of one of my projects :biggrin:
Hope you like!

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Those look good, how do you plan to mount them? Are there mounting points close enough to stock or are you gonna have to fab some kind of bracket?
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