Shansen120's Fusion Mods

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Latest shot of new car :)
Mods on the way :)

Old Car Before it was sold :(

Well I thought I would make a mod thread since I have done a couple to my car.

To start this off I have pictures of the first car wash

First was the Ford Racing Exhaust tips

Next came my smoked side markers

Then came the big one, my 3d Carbon kit and My lip spoiler with LED

I ordered some LED bulbs for my sidemarkers

I took it upon myself and did Shawngreen's Custom Gauge mod on a slow day

Took the car out for some pictures since I could actually wash my car for once

Modding stopped for awhile then I bought some Black Chrome Paint and decided to do this.

Touched it up and now it is this.

Bought some chrome side marker bulbs

Last but not least, my VVME 5000k HIDs
Sorry for the bad pictures I will be getting more soon.

and I have DDM 5000K HIDs on their way for my fogs.

As for right now that is where I stand with my car.
Hope you like!
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Lookin good man!! :goodjob:
Awesome. The chrome signals are just the perfect accent to the headlights, gotta lose the amber ;) Well done. White HIDs are next on my list of upgrades for the headlights... it is never just done :lol:
Thanks guys,
I agree with the no amber looks much better.

As for HIDs go I love the 5000k its white, I didnt want a blue tint and I dont see any with these just pure nice bright white, VVME are the ones I am using, pretty inexpensive and very easy install, no BOW, Just plug and play! :)

I will be getting my DDM 5000k for my fogs today and will install them most likely.

But for the price VVME was a great purchase! and they work great. DDM was a pain to work with just FYI.
you're off to a great start shansen! i agree, ddm was truly a pain... glad it worked out for us though
Thanks Geist!
Yea hopefully they will be sitting on my porch when i get back from work :p
so i can install them :)
You're doing great work. :goodjob:
Keep it up.

Btw you get horrible gas mileage :lol:
Thanks Louie :)

I knew someone would say it sooner or later :lol: i just went to go get gas and my car was running for awhile lol :lol:

DDM kit is here, going to install those suckers now! :p
Got my 5000k DDM HIDs in my fogs now :p

I have to say, the kit was set up easier for the DDM kit over the VVME but over all, I like the VVME kit better it was more expensive but it shipped fast no hassle and the color is exactly what i wanted.

The DDM kit was a little more blue than the VVME but both were 5000k, or supposed to be.

Well here is the pics, sorry for the bad quality.
Ill take photos after i clean my car and get my moms camera

Just got them in

just the fogs

Both fogs and low beams, you can tell a big difference in color

then it got dark finally got to see my headlights in the dark, first time driving with them

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You can get your car up ramps?

The HID's look good. I can't wait 'til I get mine. Can't believe I waited this long to get them.
[quote author=20louie06 link=topic=173431.msg3674658#msg3674658 date=1274963040]
You can get your car up ramps?

The HID's look good. I can't wait 'til I get mine. Can't believe I waited this long to get them.

The only way i could get it up on that ramp is because my driveway is steep and then goes flat on top, just stuck them at the top and the car cleared it within millimeters.

Yea i know, when i got them both installed i asked myself why didnt i get these sooner... :lol:

Oh and for anyone who has the 3d Carbon lip, it is a pain in the ass to get to the fog lamps, undoing the screws/bolts are hard as hell when you have a clearance of 2 inches and cant get a tool up in there. But it was well worth it ill tell you that! :)
[quote author=Shansen120 link=topic=173431.msg3674676#msg3674676 date=1274964228]
[quote author=20louie06 link=topic=173431.msg3674658#msg3674658 date=1274963040]
You can get your car up ramps?

Is the inquiry about ramps because of the lip mod or do stock Fusions have ramp issues.

I ask because my 2010 SEL with 18 inch tires has no difficulties on RhinoRamps with a 7 inch rise in 21 inches of ramp length.
I asked because of the 3d carbon lip. When my Fusion was stock I could barely clear that particular style ramps.
Oh believe me i cannot gat any where near ramps, that was a one time thing and most likely will never do it again, the clearance was too little and i hate scraping that thing
the 3dCarbon lip makes it way too low for ramps
Got to clean my car and go take some pictures

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I painted the back fascia of my bumper black

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I like that when its painted! Good job Shansen! :goodjob:
Thanks Adam glad you like it! :)
I was thinking of flat black, but in my head an actual black looked better IMO
I used the same paint that i used for my lower grille, the black chrome and it came out exactly the color i wanted
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