SELLING! men's fossil watch...

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i have had this watch since july, and was never too crazy about it after the purchase. so i hardly ever wore it, and when i did wear it, it was mainly to work. comes with Fossil tin can also! the crystal is in great shape, and the overall shape i would say is a 4 out of 5. ill consider any reasonable offers! thanks for looking!

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anyone wanna take it off my hands for $50 shipped??
would you be willing to ship to Canada? If so, maybe we can make a deal...
yea, i dont see why not. is it going to be tons more expensive or something?
How much did you pay for it? In other words, I have no idea what it's worth.
$85 or $95 new dont remember
Could I get a clearer pic of the face? Or a link to the model because i can't tell if I like it from the pics you've posted.

Fossil...... Good watch. My wife gave me one along time ago. And I lost it not much after that. Good luck with the sale.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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