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Privacy Policy sites (including but not limited to,,, and associated sites) collect user information for research and rule enforcement purposes. This information may include but is not limited to: Location, Post Habits and Car Preference. Such information may or may not be associated with a given username, but is usually anonymous. (and by extension, TrapZero SO) does not sell this information for any purpose.

All data (information) transmitted via sites should be considered part of the public domain. No privacy rights are conferred upon any facet of the sites. respectfully requests that information which may be considered private NOT be transmitted via this site.

Forum passwords are immediately encrypted upon registration and are not at any point accessible to TrapZero SO staff. However, TrapZero SO reserves the right to change passwords if necessary.

TrapZero SO does not collect personally identifiable data within the meaning of the European Union Data Collection Directive(s) for the use of forum sites. The FMVstore collections personally identifiable data only as is necessary to competently complete contracts for the sale of goods.


Last Updated June 8, 2007 by Daniel R Hamad, TrapZero SO
Effective as of December 6, 2004 by Daniel R Hamad, TrapZero SO
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