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FMVperformance Automotive Communities (including all associated sites) strictly prohibits the use of its names and logos without explicit, written permission.

Product Development
If you wish to develop a product that uses an FMVperformance name or logo, please contact drhamad[at] with details of the planned use. Please be advised that it is unlikely that use in decals will be approved under any terms, unless the decal is significantly different in form and size from current FMVstore offerings.

Use on a Website or in Print
Please contact us if you wish to use information on FMVp (including logos) on a 3rd-party website or print.

Other Uses
Please contact us.

All trademarks not exclusively claimed in this document are the property of their respective owners. TrapZero makes no claim as to the ownership of these marks, most especially those trademarks owned by Ford, Mazda or Volvo.


Last Updated January 14, 2009 by Daniel R Hamad of TrapZero SO
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