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4. Forum Rules and Regulations

4.1 Incorporation of Terms

This document incorporates by reference all terms defined in Section 2.

4.2 Application

This document is applicable to FMVperformance & Associated Sites. By using these sites you agree to these terms of use and all other applicable material.

Information in any form (documents, pictures, commentary, etc) found upon this website is available for your use only on the condition that you agree to these Forum Rules & Regulations.

TrapZero SO & FMVp reserve the right to change these Forum Rules & Regulations at any time and without notice.

4.3 Post Rules
*Moderators reserve the right to modify, edit, delete, or move posts at will. No justification is required, though one will usually be provided.
*Pornography is not permitted on sites ("FMVp"). Pornography is considered images which show situations that would not be allowed to be seen in the general public (community standard based on those of the State of Connecticut). Furthermore, the exact definition may be interpreted by FMVp staff at will.
*Swearing is generally permitted, but it must be kept to a reasonable level. Such level is left purely to the discretion of site staff and staff decisions must be adhered to.
*Swearing in signatures, avatars, forum titles, thread titles and other such general displays is not permitted.
*Personal attacks on other members will not be permitted or tolerated.
*So called "Street Racing" posts will be allowed in the lounge only. They will be deleted without warning if posted anywhere else. This site does not condone or endorse such activities, and highly recommends that they do not occur.
*Private message spamming is strictly prohibited.
*Multiple postings of the same topic ("forum spamming") is not permitted. Extra postings will be locked or deleted. Consistant abuse may result in further action.
*Content which may be inflamatory is prohibited. This includes (but is not limited to) racial, ethnic, political and social content which has a primary result of forum discontent.
*So called "Hate speech" is prohibited.
*Abuse of and attacks on FMVp staff, moderators and administrators is strictly prohibited.

4.4 Profile, Avatar, Signature and Account Information
*All members are asked to include their general whereabouts in their profile, so as to better assist them in finding the information they desire.
*So called "Non-Work-Safe" items are not permitted in profiles, avatars or signatures. This information will be held to the highest standard, as it is included in every post that you make.
*Avatar maximum size is 125x125 pixels.
*Signature maximum size is five lines of text or up to a 500x100 graphic and one line of text. When upsizing text, please reduce the number of lines to keep roughly in line with the size of the originally permitted standard lines.
Please note that lines of text refers to displayed lines on an average browser window size of about 800px wide, not number of sentences or how they are typed in.
*Signature images must be in GIF, PNG or JPG format and must be of data size reasonable for their pixel count.
*One person, one active account. Multiple accounts are not allowed.
*Misleading registrations (unauthorized use of company names, etc) will result in instant account deactivation, without warning. FMVp also reserves the right ot take further action.
*Profile and Signature information must conform to our commercial poster policies.
*Avatars must not mimic staff banners and labels.

4.5 Buy/Sell Forum Rules
*Buy/Sell forums located on FMVp sites are for personal property only.
*No commercial postings will be allowed, and such messages will be removed.
*You may not, under any condition, sell an item that you do not have physical possession of. This means it is at your home or place of business and easily accessible to you at any time. You can not sell something prior to receiving it.
*You are required to post a picture of the ACTUAL item, with the start of the thread, not after. Stock manufacturers/retailers photo's may be posted only to supplement a photo of your item, not in place of a photo of the actual item. Please remember every item for sale must have an individual photo to show each items condition. If you do not have a digital camera of any type, your options are to borrow a friends or to take film pictures and either scan them yourself or have the photo store put them on a photo CD. All members are accorded space in our gallery, so hosting should not be an issue. You can also use a different website to host your pics such as or Please note that FMVp does not have actual knowledge of the policies or service levels of these sites, and makes no actual endorsement of them.
*Member Requirements. A new rule is in effect to restrict the chance that a seller simply creates an account to advertise an item. The following rules will be in effect for any person wanting to list an item for sale or for trade.
1. The member has at least 10 contributing posts ( you will have an user icon that has at least two "swirly" things:

2. Your username must have at least 12 hours of time spent online. You can check your time spent online via the user info box at the top of the screen, or by viewing your user profile and choosing Show Stats.
3. Your account is place in a group represented by an assigned forum icon that reads: sponsor, regional coordinator, contributing member, or senior member. Forged icons will result in a suspension of the offending user account.
4. You must include a picture with your item and a sign with your username and the date displayed.

* Proxy selling: User may not have another user sell an item for them because they do not meet the requirements to sell and item, unless that item is in possession of the person selling it on the forum (In this case possession is deemed as the seller having sole usage and ownership of the item for the time it is for sale, in the instance this is a large item such as a vehicle proxy selling will not be allowed.)

*Any member or guest of M3F can make offers or contact sellers.
*No Linking to other websites that act as a proxy for sale within the first 5 days of listing. Members wishing to list an item for sale cannot simply provide a link to a website that acts as a proxy or agent of sale. This means you cannot link to a website such as Ebay, Amazon Marketplace, AutoTrader, etc. However, you can link to a webpage describing the product or to product specification pages. Also, you are not allowed to simply link to another web forum that describes the item for sale. We prefer that you duplicate your post in this forum rather than linking to an outside forum. This rule is in effect to provide the forum members here an opportunity to see your item rather than to use this forum as an advertisement for personal auctions or to redirect attention towards public product sales. However, if an item receives no response within 5 days of listing on (the day of the listing is inclusive), a link to an external agent site will be acceptable.
*Strict rules concerning sellers and buyers and the transaction. Basically, it's either a "good" transaction or it's a "bad" transaction. If you're selling something - and the buyer has reason to suspect that you're being shady - then the seller will be banned once enough evidence to suggest the seller is being dodgy, lazy, incomplete, or apathetic on providing what is advertised. If the seller truly has a significant reason to explain the circumstance, and the situation is resolved - then the seller is still "good" since diligence and effort make all the difference in a transaction.
*Same applies to buyers. If a seller finds out that a buyer renegs payment or other weird things with no explanation - the buyer will be banned once evidence supports that the buyer is sketchy. These strict rules are in place because this forum won't be used as some metric to see how trustworthy you are. You start with credibility - and if that credibility is shot due to abuse of trust, then the abuser gets banned.
*If you make a transaction a "bad" experience and make little or no effort to resolve the issue (or it's obvious you ripped someone off) - then you get banned.
*There is a rating system on FMVp sites, and it is recommended that all sellers and buyers be aware of it and use it. However, actual use, though recommended, is completely voluntary.
*Mitigating disruptions in Buy/Sell threads. (June/12/2006)
Often times, there are certain types of posts that disrupt the course of a buy/sell thread. This rule will address this issue.
Forum members will not be restricted from informing people regarding retail prices of your product, so long as the comparison product price that is mentioned is sold by a forum sponsor. Additionally, users must avoid intentionally passing judgement regarding the degree of savings of the buy/sell thread. However, Forum members may not intentionally speak negatively of a product with their opinions. These rules are in place to allow forum members to reasonably communicate their thoughts about a sale, while also protecting sellers from perceived "thread crapping" that could de-rail a reasonable sale.
Moderators reserve the right to remove any post that they feel violates this rule. The Buy/Sell section requires policies that are much more strict than those of the rest of the forum.
An example regarding pricing posts: If you are selling an Injen cold air intake and are asking a price is $300, it will be acceptable for a forum member to indicate that your asking price is the same as the full retail price that Injen offers as the MSRP of the intake. This is because the Injen cold air intake is sold by various sponsors of Mazda3forums. However, a member who sold an Injen intake 1 month prior for $100 via eBay cannot post a link to their previous eBay auction showing the $100 sale. If the buy/sell thread's asking price is simply $5 less than what is currently available from a sponsor, users must refrain from intentionally stating that the $5 savings is insufficient or "lame." Haggling is fine, purposley bagging the seller's reputation or attacking an offered price is not okay.
Regarding the restriction of negative comments and thread crapping: If a seller posts an Injen intake, forum members will not enter the particular buy/sell thread to speak negatively of Injen's products. They cannot post about their opinions that AEM makes a superior product than Injen. Discussion regarding the benefits of one particular brand or product must be done in the general forums, and not explicitly within the Buy/Sell area.
*Thread Titles (May 31, 2004). Please use one of the following on each thread posts:
FS (For Sale)
WTB (Want to Buy)
WTT (Want to Trade)

*Commercial postings may be made only by approved sponsors. To inquire about sponsorship, please visit our FMVsponsors page.
*Companies or individuals acting for profit or in a manner not consistant with selling off personal merchandise, deemed to be intentionally evading sponsorship duties may be subject to a fine not less than $250 and not more than $3,000 (plus reasonable lawyers fees) equal to not more than the TOTAL MARKET VALUE of all items sold to members or visitors of FMVp sites.
* is not responsible for the sellers and their products listed on sites
* reserves the right to contact seller and purchaser at any time for any reason and by any manner.
*While can not ensure, guarantee, the validity of sellers claims in any manner, sellers are responsible for the completion of all deals made through sites.
*Should a properly agreed to deal not be completed within a reasonable time frame and the seller can reasonably be considered at fault, reserves the right to take action. Such action may include but is not limited to a fine in the amount of the total market value of the item or items which have been withheld from their rightful purchaser, plus reasonable legal fees, plus the proper transferral of the item to the purchaser. FMVp is not required to take such action.
* reserves the right to record and save the IP and all other information of all sellers and purchasers and may contact ISP's at any time and for any reason.
All involved parties agree that necessary legal remedy shall be sought in the State of Connecticut, if such legal remedy involves FMVp, and this web page / document shall be enforceable, subject to the laws of the State of Connecticut.
*Should necessary legal remedies not involve FMVp, they may be sought subject to the jurisdiction and laws of the Buyer or the Seller.
*Bumping of threads in the classified section(M3F Buy/Sell , General Buy/Sell) is against forum rules. Do not bump your own for sale thread or it can and will be removed.

Please remember this site is not an auction house. When selling an item please set a price on that item, so others know what to expect when going to purchase this item.

4.6 Group Buy Forum Rules
Last Updated: March 20, 2009
  • Any member may start a group buy. However, if it is a group buy for items not to be purchased through a sponsor of an site, it must be for NO PROFIT to the user.
    If it is a member-run group buy, the group buy must either go through a sponsor OR the member can pay fees as laid out in the FMVpremium Services menu.
  • There must be a definite minimum order quantity which must be met before any items will be purchased or shipped.
    ==>If any group buy item is shipped or sold before the minimum number defined in the group buy that was set the group buy becomes null and void and will be removed from the forum, completely.

  • If requested, you should be able to produce the company that the group buy is occuring through, as well as contact information to confirm the group buy information. reserves the right to terminate any and all group buys it deems inappropriate for any reason without justification.
    Commercial postings may be made only by approved sponsors. To inquire about sponsorship, please visit our sponsors page.
    If a sponsor starts a group buy of an item they sell normally, the group buy price must be below that of their normal sale price.
    There must be a definite end to the Group Buy, either by amount of orders or by date.
    Please include in your posting the date that people should expect their item(s) to ship. This date should be after the close of the GB. There's no requirement that it be within any period of time, or that it be stuck to exactly, but some estimate should be included. If there is no way of knowing, please say that, and say why that is.
    There is a maximum of two active group buys per user (or sponsor company) at a time. If you have more than two, the latest one will be removed.
    Companies or individuals acting for profit or in a manner not consistent with Group Buy Forum non-profit rules, deemed to be intentionally evading sponsorship duties may be subject to a fine not less than $250 and not more than $3,000 (plus reasonable lawyers fees) equal to the TOTAL MARKET VALUE of all items sold to members or visitors of sites.
    Group buys older than two months may be closed or moved back to a sponsors section.
    These rules are effective for both members and sponsors reserves the right to record and save the IP and all other information of all sellers and purchasers and may contact ISP's at any time for any reason.
    All involved parties agree that necessary legal remedy shall be sought in the State of Connecticut and this web page / document shall be enforceable, subject to the laws of the state of Connecticut, unless specifically waived in writing by TrapZero, LLC or its representatives.

4.7 Gallery Usage
*TrapZero SO runs several public image repositories. These are subject to the same terms and conditions as all other sites and forums. Pornographic and illegal content is not permitted. All images may be used by for any purpose and at any time. Before posting an image, you must ensure that you have full legal permission from the image author to do so.

4.8 Commercial Entities and Posts: By and About
*Commercial entities include companies and people selling or reselling items. These rules also applies to users providing advertising for said commercial entities. The below rules apply most specifically to those that are not sponsors.
*Commercial Entities are invited to become site sponsors. Please visit our Sponsorship page.
*Commercial Entities are permitted to post in order to reply to specific questions pertaining to products, or for general social purposes. These posts taken as a whole must not rise to the level of spamming or of advertising. This shall be left to the sole discretion of the staff of and associated sites.
*Commercial Entities are not permitted to advertise unless they are authorized site sponsors. This includes via post, signature, avatar or private message.

4.9 Authorized Site Sponsors
January 10, 2007
*Authorized Site Sponsors ("Sponsors") must adhere to all rules, regulations and policies of FMVp, except for the above section ("Commercial Entities and Posts by and About").
*Sponsors may post in their own, provided, forum sections (if so provided by their package).
*Sponsors may answer questions posted by users, but may not advertise, in other forum sections.
*Sponsors may post general social discussion in any forum.
*Sponsors are responsible for adhering to their Sponsorship Package.
*Attacks upon other sponsors will not be tolerated.
* cannot and will not be held responsible for items posted for sale by sponsors or other parties. *Purchase items at your own risk and please be aware of all relevant laws, rules and regulations in your jurisdiction.

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4.10 Linking to Third Parties
*Links to third party sites are generally permitted, though FMVperformance and TrapZero SO have no knowledge of and cannot be held liable for their content.
*Exceptions to this include (but are not limited to):
Competing Sites including forums. Competing sites include (as of this writing) all sites related to Mazda, Ford, Volvo, Chevrolet and Pontiac products. Links may be posted to competing sites only for specific, informational purposes. These links must be specific, deep links. General linking to competing sites is prohibited. Please consult the Terms of Service on sites you are linking to to determine if deep linking to said site is permitted.
Non-Sponsor Companies on other forums. Linking (including deep linking) to commercial products on other forums is prohibited. We invite all companies interested in advertising thier products are invited to become a forum sponsor.
Pornographic Sites

4.11 General
Circumvention of bans or other FMVperformance actions can be considered an attack upon the site, as these actions are detrimental to the well being of the site. FMVperformance reserves the right to contact users ISP's and other Gateways in this circumstance, and to take further action. This includes but is not limited to creating a separate account to circumvent a ban. Creating a second account to circumvent a ban will result in a ban. No exceptions. and TrapZero SO reserve the right to edit, delete and move posts, avatars, signatures and other information at will, and take further action when necessary.[/b] and TrapZero SO reserve the right to edit this document at any time without notification.

4.12 Sponsor Removals
In general, the rule is: buyer beware. We do not - and can not - police all sponsors or all transactions. For every bad report, there is a multitude of good ones, no matter what we think of any given sponsor.
If a number of poor reports are received about a sponsor, they will be removed - but most of the time, this does not result in a removal, because we simply can not determine with any probability that a sponsor is simply a scam.
If you have a bad experience - or a good one - leave transaction feedback. That is others best tool for determining the worth of a sponsor.
Document effective December 28th, 2005.
Updated May 22, 2009
Last updated May 12, 2010
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