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1. Introduction and Table of Contents

1.1 Introduction

FMVperformance Automotive Communities (tm) ("FMVp") consists of a group of forum-based automotive websites. FMVp websites are owned by TrapZero, LLC d/b/a TrapZero SO ("TrapZero"). FMVp is dedicated to serving its users in a way that best serves the majority. It is run by a group of volunteers.

Please read these terms of use carefully before using FMVp sites. By using the Website you agree to the application of these terms of use. You are not entitled to use FMVp sites without agreeing to the application of the terms of use as laid down hereinafter.

1.2 Table of Contents
1. Introduction and Table of Contents
1.1 Introduction
1.2 Table of Contents
2. Definitions and Abbreviations used throughout
3. Terms of Service
3.1 Incorporation of Terms
3.2 Application
3.3 Copyright
3.4 Trademarks and Service Marks
3.4.1 Site Names and Titles
3.4.2 Unique Section Descriptors and Titles
3.4.3 Logos
3.4.4 Trade Dress
3.4.5 Other
3.5 Links to Third Parties
3.6 Warranties and Disclaimers
3.6.1 General
3.6.2 Third Party Content
3.6.3 Sponsors
3.7 Limitation of Liability
3.8 Linking
3.9 Gallery Usage
4. Forum Rules & Regulations
4.1 Incorporation of Terms
4.2 Application
4.3 Post Rules
4.4 Profile, Avatar, Signature and Account Information
4.5 Buy/Sell Forum Rules
4.6 Group Buy Forum Rules
4.7 Gallery Usage
4.8 Commercial Entities and Posts: By and About
4.9 Authorized Site Sponsors
4.10 Linking to Third Parties
4.11 General
5. Reproduction of Works Prohibited Without Written Permission
6. Use of FMVperformance Logo's and other Intellectual Property
7. Privacy Policy
8. General Provisions
9. Contact Information

Added on July 3, 2007
Last Updated July 5, 2007
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